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Water Heaters

Brrrrr! We just can’t get along without hot water. Therefore, take tender loving care of it’s source—The Las Vegas Water Heater.
Regardless of your water heater being gas or electric, keep the temperature set at or below the suggested Energy Saving Setting listed on the water heater. Having it above puts excessive wear on the water heater and leaves you with the possibility of scalding. The burner of a gas-fired water heater is very accessible and should be checked periodically by your plumber to keep it clear of dust and sediment. The flame, which can be seen through a small window towards the bottom of the tank, should be a light to dark blue. If the flame is more orange or yellow, the gas pressure or air flow needs to be adjusted.
All domestic water heaters are equipped with a relief valve as a safety feature to prevent excessive pressure and temperature. There is always danger that this valve may become seized or corroded from long periods of disuse. For this reason, it is advisable to trip the lever of the valve manually every two-three months to be sure it will be operational if an emergency does arise.

WARNING: The discharge will be HOT water that will need to be collected in a bucket or allowed to drain to a floor drain. 


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