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Plumbing Solutions of Nevada presents you with Plumbing tips to prevent plumbing problems in your Las Vegas, NV home or business with our tips that can help you keep plumbing issues from becoming full blown disasters. While we want you to contact us for all your plumbing needs, we also want to share our knowledge with you to help protect and maintain your plumbing system. Keep this page bookmarked for those times when plumbing issues arise. Following these tips might just save you a call for service, but we want to encourage you also not to wait too long if you suspect a problem that may be beyond the knowledge of the typical home or business owner. Our rates are very reasonable and we offer a complete line of plumbing services; from leaky pipe repair to sewer line cleaning. So if you’re looking for the best plumbers in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, we work with our clients to come up with affordable solutions. Plumbing Solutions of Nevada offers financing through Aqua and Greensky if that option is better for you. Both Greensky and Aqua work with our clients to come up with affordable solutions. If these tips help but you still need a larger Solution, Contact one of our equipped and knowledgeable team members today! (702)463-2500

Plumbing Tips - First, don’t go with galvanic.

Oftentimes, copper and galvanized steel plumbing is mixed in with residential water systems and nothing separates them other than threading or sealant. This can cause premature corrosion at the connection. Instead, a plumbing fitting called dielectric union can connect galvanic to copper. 

Flow water out rather than back.

If your house’s water is supplied by municipal water and you use water outdoors often, use a vacuum-breaker fitting on the end of the hose bib to prevent backflow. This prevents water from being pulled out of the hose and into the municipal water system.

Plumbing Tips - You should know where all your pipes are.

Pounding nails and drilling in screws is fine until you puncture a copper or plastic pipe or drain. You should have a stud sensor that also detects pipes and wirings.

It is imperative to use the right connector.

Connecting a gas range or dryer to an existing gas line seems simple, but it can go wrong when you hook up a flexible gas connector to the line and find out it doesn’t fit or you cannot tighten the connection. Your best bet is to buy a connection kit for the specific appliance you are connecting.

Important Plumbing Tips - You need to know plumbing codes.

There are rules to tell you how far you can place a fixture from the homes drain-waste vent line, for example. There are references available, including the International Plumbing Code or Uniform Plumbing Code. This is one of the most important plumbing tips.

In order for piping to fit right, it needs to be cut right.

Pro-level tubing cutters, saw blades, and plastic pipe saws are a good idea. Paying a little more for these tools will make a big difference. It’s also important to clean both types of materials before gluing or soldering.

Be sure to seal.

A soldered or glued joint doesn’t need sealing, but everything else does. In hardware stores, there is tape for water connections and tape for gas connections, but pros have more choices including brush-able types.

Make sure you don’t over-tighten.

Tight is good; really tight isn’t. After you bring the joint together and hand-tighten it, usually another half-turn is all that’s needed.

Always test for leaks.

Use a substance that will make bubbles so you can see the bubbles form at the seams and find out where the leaks are.

Finally, don’t bother with septic tank additives.

These are not necessary and will more than likely lead to a clogged system.

6 Simple Ways to Slash Your Water Bill

Anytime we want to bathe, cook, brush our teeth, wash our hands or flush the toilet, we twist a knob or press a handle and voila! Water flows with ease. The simplicity of it all makes us forget that utility companies charge for every drop of water we use. Being more conscientious about the way you use water can help you scale back so you have more money to squirrel away.

Opt for short showers instead of baths.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every time you fill up the bathtub, you use about 35 gallons of water. If you take a five-minute shower instead of a bath, you’ll cut your water consumption by 22 or more gallons per day.

Fix those leaky faucets.

A dripping sink may not seem like a big deal, but the USGS Water Science School suggests that if you have three faucets in your home that drip five times per minute, it can waste about 520 gallons of water per year. Instead of paying the monthly costs for drips and leaks, call Plumbing Solutions of Nevada to fix them.

Use a faucet aerator.

If you have an older faucet, installing an aerator will reduce the stream of water that comes out when you turn it on. If you don’t know how to install this device, a plumber in Las Vegas can easily install it for you.

Don’t let the water run.

Leaving the water running while you brush your teeth is a bad habit many of us have. However, if you’re looking to knock a few bucks off your water bill, this is the easiest way to do it.

Repair leaky toilets.

If you leave a toilet leak to fester, it can waste up to 500 gallons of water daily, suggests the National Sanitation Foundation. So when you hear water running in your toilet or notice leaks, don’t sit around and do nothing. Call our experts at Plumbing Solutions of Nevada to take care of the issue for you.

Flush only when necessary.

When we throw things in the toilet, our conditioned response is to flush. So don’t dispose of hair, Kleenex, cotton balls, lint or other items in the toilet. This will only lead to unnecessary flushing and higher monthly water bills.Water is a necessity of life, but because it’s so accessible in our homes, we tend to use more than we need. When you follow the above tips, you’ll become more aware of how much water you use and save money on your monthly bill in the process.

Key Signs You Need a Las Vegas Plumber for Drain Cleaning

There are many instances in which drain cleaning is highly recommended. At Plumbing Solutions of Nevada, we recommend having your drains cleaned as often as once a year, depending on use and risk factors. Yet, there are some signs that can indicate that calling a licensed plumber out sooner is a good idea. When it comes to drain cleaning in Las Vegas, call our team. You’ll get fast, reliable results from a company that won’t recommend services you don’t need. Do You Need Drain Cleaning? Take a look at a few examples of instances when you should contact a professional for drain cleaning. If you notice these, call us right away.

  • Your drains move slowly. If water backs up in your sink or does not go down as quickly as it used to, this is an indication of a blockage. In many cases, pipes will have build up along the interior of the pipes, which slows water down.
  • You have a leaky pipe. If you need leaky pipe repair in Las Vegas, it may be due to build up and material blockage within the lines. This is one of the more common instances in which individuals don’t realize a problem with their lines exists.
  • You notice broken lines outside of your home. Sewer lines can easily become clogged, especially with tree roots. Drain cleaning can help to remove those and allow water to flow properly away from the home again.

Even if you do not see any signs of water flow problems, it is a good idea to have your drains inspected by a professional every year or so. This process allows for early detection of problems, including root growth problems. Getting treatment for this now can help minimize the costs associated with bigger repairs that are inevitable down the road. When you call our professionals, you’ll get personalized service. We’ll find out if there are drain blockages, concerns with leaks, or other plumbing problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Just like taking your car in for repairs, having a plumber provide these types of inspections for you can help to minimize the risk of expensive problems down the road.

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