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The fall weather change is the perfect time to prepare a home’s plumbing for the winter, as freezing temperatures can arrive without warning. Frozen pipes account for around 30,000 home owner insurance claims per year. A pipe repair can be scheduled with Plumbing Solutions of Nevada today. It is recommended that homeowners in Southern Nevada finish winterizing plumbing by early November, while Northern Nevada should do so by mid-October. The following tips can help prevent winter plumbing problems.

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Put Away Hoses

Water hoses should be disconnected from the spigots, drained and put away in the winter. If this isn’t done, the water inside the hoses can freeze and cause expansion to the spigot and other water pipes, causing them to burst. If this has happened to you a pipe repair can be scheduled with Plumbing Solutions of Nevada

Pipe Repair on Outdoor Faucets

Exterior spigots the leak or drip should be repaired before the cold weather arrives. An expert plumber from Plumbing Solutions of Nevada can do this job quickly and all work is guaranteed. 

Close Shut-Off Valves

Some houses have indoor valves that control outdoor spigots. The valves should be shut off and completely drained of any remaining water before the beginning of winter. 

Cover up Exterior Spigots

Covering up outdoor spigots prevents expensive damage from freezing temperatures. There are special spigot installation kits for this purpose.

Insulate Pipes and how we pipe repair

Any pipes exposed to the elements should be insulated to prevent freezing. This can be done by using heat cables with thermostats or by applying heat tape. 

Check the Water Heater

Water heaters carry an extra workload during the winter. The accumulated sediment should be drained out of the tank to increase efficiency, and the temperature should be set to 120 degrees. This will also help keep your winter energy costs down.